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Rules and regulations

Please find below the rules and the regulations of the Păltiniș Challenge 2024

Article 1 Preamble

The Păltiniș Challenge (the “Event”) is an event organized by Sibiu Reisen SRL (the “Organizer”) and CS Sport Project (the Co-Organizer). The website is owned and managed by Sibiu Reisen SRL, with the following legal Address: Sibiu, V. Milea Street nr. 11A/7, tax code: RO 22459340, registration number: J32/1599/2007, share capital: 30.000 Lei

The Event consists of 1 stage (“Stage”). The event will take place within the Sibiu Cycling Tour. The main organizer of the Sibiu Cycling Tour is “Sibiu Sport Project Club”.

The Rules and Regulations, which follow, shall govern the entire event and are in place to ensure a safe and fair environment for all participants. It is the participants’ responsibility to be familiar with them and to ensure compliance.

For more details, please read the: General terms and conditions

Aricle 2 Disclaimer

Each participant recognizes that participating in a day road cycling event requires a minimum level of training and that he/she is medically fit to participate. By accepting the registration conditions, each participant takes full and complete responsibility in case of an accident that could occur during the outgoing or return trip to and from the cyclosportive or during the cyclosportive itself. Each participant also takes responsibility for the risks linked to such an event, including but not limited to, accidents with other participants, bad weather, road traffic conditions.

Cyclosport, bike riding, and bike racing is inherently dangerous sport and self-evidently expose each participant to a number of risks, in particular, but not limited to personal injury or mechanical damage to bike equipment.

In signing up to the event, each participant acknowledges and accepts the above proposition, and further accepts the following propositions, namely that:

Each participant shall be responsible for obtaining his or her own personal insurance cover. Each participant absolutely and completely absolves the Organisation of all responsibility with regards to the loss of, or damage to, any personal property regardless of the circumstances.

The Organisation, whilst having made every effort to (a) make the event as safe as possible for each and every participant, and (b) having addressed and or reduced and eliminated or having attempted to eliminate as many of the Risks as is possible to have anticipated and foreseen, is nevertheless not able to control, or anticipate, or foresee all events, and this is accepted by all participants.

It may be necessary to cancel the event, or alter the route, for example in case of adverse weather conditions or force majeure.

Article 3 Participation conditions

Recreational and amateur athletes are eligible to participate. Men and women are eligible to participate. The minimum age of the participants at the start of the event is 17 years.

Only a person whose general health permits participation in the Event is eligible to participate. The Organizer strongly advises participants to undergo a medical examination by a qualified medical doctor immediately before participating in the Event. The Organizer is entitled at any time to have the health of participants assessed by a qualified medical doctor, and if he or she expresses justified concerns in respect of the physical condition of the Participant, to exclude the Participant in question from the entire Event (or the rest of it) without a legal claim by the Participant arising from it.

For an entry to be accepted participants must ensure that they have completed the following compulsory actions:

Fully completed the online registration process. Please note that the registration is finalized just after making the payment.

The presence of the participation confirmation, as well as a signed original declaration of liabilit (sent out by e-mail approximately 2 weeks before the Event).

Article 4 Registration and entry fees

Registration for the event may only be done via the online registration platform at the following address: until 10.06.2024.

The competition number will be received based on the identity document shown at the moment of the kit pick-up. (only passports, identity cards, or driving licenses are accepted)

Registration fees – to be announced by the end of January 2024.

The order made by you consists of participation at the Păltiniș Challenge, including the participation kit. This will be fulfilled on the 6 of July 2024.

By registering you agree with the publishing of your name and the category you will participate on the website and on the social media accounts

Article 5 Equipment

We strongly recommend road bikes. Each Participant shall ensure that his or her bike is fully functional and free from defects at all times, in particular, that the bike does not pose any risk for the Participant or third parties, this applies especially in respect of the brakes and other safety components. The Organizer strongly advises that the bike be examined for functionality/safety by a specialist immediately before participating in the Event.

It is compulsory to wear a helmet with a closed chin strap at all times during the entire event, without exception. Each Participant shall ensure that his or her helmet is at all times free from defects, in particular, that it has not been damaged and meets the recognized DIN standard 33954, the SNELL and/or ANSI standards and is adapted to fit the Participant’s head. The Organizer strongly advises that the helmet be examined for damage/safety and proper fit by a specialist immediately before participating in the Event.

The event is a bike event held over several hours with two different paths: one for road cycling and one for offroad cycling. Participants should equip themselves accordingly. This includes all-weather clothing and first aid equipment. It is recommended to bring tools and spare material along.

The Organizer reserves the right to forbid the use of certain items of equipment for objective reasons. Currently, the material listed below is expressly forbidden:

– Luggage rack bags, handlebar bags, or bags mounted on the front wheel. Saddle-, seat post and frame bags over 2 liters volume,
– Water bottles from non-malleable material such as glass, aluminum etc.
– E-bikes and all other types of engines on the bike
– Tandems
– Multi-track vehicles

The Organizer is entitled to have bicycles/equipment examined by an expert at any time. If this expert identifies breaches of the requirements stated above under “Equipment” in these regulations, the Organizer is entitled to exclude the relevant Participant from the Event (or the rest of it) until the breach identified has been removed, without a legal claim by the Participant arising from it.

Mandatory equipment:

– good condition bike
– hard-shell helmet
– participation kit

The competition number will be clearly visible on the bicycle, all the time, so that the participants can be identified in the competition.

Article 6 Categories & prizes

Riders will be ranked in the following age categories:

Men aged 17-29 years
(Junior + U23 + Elite) + Masters belonging to a continental, pro continental or world tour team, regardless of age

Men aged 17-29
(Amateurs with or without a license) (B1)

Men aged 30 and 39 years old
(Amateurs with or without a license + Master’s degree not included in PRO-M) (B2)

Men aged 40 to 49 years
(Amateurs with or without a license + Master’s degree who do not belong to PRO-M) (B3)

Men aged 50 to 59 years
(Amateurs with or without a license + Master’s not in PRO-M) (B4)

Men aged 60+
(Amateurs with or without a license + Master’s degree not covered by PRO-M) (B5)

Women aged 17-29 years
(Junior + Elite) + Masters belonging to a continental, pro continental or world tour team, regardless of age

Women aged 17-29
(Amateurs with or without a license) (F1)

Women aged 30 and 39 years old
(Amateurs with or without a license + Master’s degree not included in PRO-F) (F2)

Women aged 40 to 49 years
(Amateurs with or without a license + Master’s degree who do not belong to PRO-F) (F3)

Women aged 50 to 59 years
(Amateurs with or without a license + Master’s not in PRO-F) (F4)

Women aged 60+
(Amateurs with or without a license + Master’s degree not covered by PRO-F) (F5)

Junior men/women = licensed cyclists, minimum age 17 years (completed by 06.07.2024) and up to 19 years.
U23 men = licensed cyclists, minimum age 19 years (by 06.07.2024) and up to 22 years.
Elite men = licensed cyclists, aged 23 years (by 06.07.2024) up to 30 years.
Elite women = licensed cyclists, aged 19 years (by 06.07.2024) up to 30 years.
Master men/women = licensed cyclists aged 30 years (completed by 06.07.2024) and up to 60+ years.

!In the event that a minimum of 5 people do not register for a competition category, those competitors will be placed in the next category.

During the Paltinis Challenge, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded for each age group – men (PRO, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5) and women (PRO, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5).

We will also award the title of Queen (women) and King (men) of Paltinis for the first two who will reach the finish line, regardless of age category.

We will also award the title of PRO Queen (women) and PRO King (men) of Paltinis for the first two who will reach the finish line from the PRO category.

Each participant crossing the finish line shall receive a participation medal.

Prizes will be awarded only to winners attending the awards ceremony. If by any chance a winner decides not to be part of the ceremony and leaves, the prize will not be sent afterward. Prizes will be announced by the 22th of April 2024.

Article 7 Cancellations

Cancellation conditions for Păltiniș Challenge 2024:

The participation fee is non-refundable

Every participant has the possibility to transfer his/her own starting place to any other person without any additional costs until 09.06.2024, only by informing us in advance by email, with all the necessary details of the new participant.

All these requests can be done by emailing us: Our team will answer and proceed with the inquiry within 72 hours after the request.

Article 8 Safety during the event

Each participant in the Păltiniș Challenge is responsible for their own safety and security.

The organizers, partners, sponsors, volunteers and staff involved in the event are not responsible for any injuries or damages, cancellations, delays, or changes in routes that may occur during the event.

Each participant must sign, before registration, a responsibility statement, which assumes the risks arising from participation in such an event and any damage caused by any reason, including loss or theft.

For your safety, the road is going to be closed especially for the challenge on the 6th of July 2024, during the competition time, and for the pro stage that will start after. Caution! normal vehicle and pedestrian traffic must be expected.

At the end of the Păltiniș Challenge, our recommendation is to enjoy the professional cycling show. The participants’ descent will be allowed after the professional stage is completed.

The event is an outdoor cycling competition, an individual road climbing with a length of approx. 28km. We recommend you to use road-bikes (trekking, mountain bikes and gravel bikes also accepted). Electric or hybrid bikes are not allowed in the race.

Each participant must have technical knowledge about the difficult route approach;

Each participant should be able to safely climb up and down a slope in difficult conditions;

Each participant should be experienced enough and can safely complete a difficult route in an alpine area;

Each participant should have a good sense of direction, even in bad weather and low visibility;

Each participant should know the rules of behavior in case of danger and urgency in the mountain area;

Each participant should show fair play and friendship and act accordingly when the situation requires it;

Each participant should know and should have an attitude that takes into account that, no matter how many security measures the organizers may take, they are not and will not be able to cover all risks, especially the ones resulting from nature or environmental conditions;

Each participant must know that no prize is above the health and life of himself and/or other participants and should act accordingly to protect himself and the others;

Each participant should know that driving on public roads will be on the corresponding lane of traveling direction, and as far as possible on the right side of the road. It is strictly forbidden to cut corners;

Each participant must know and strictly follow the traffic rules and the instructions received from the competition organizers;

Each participant is responsible for its own transportation or transfer to the start line and from the finish line. (exception: anyone who have booked tour packages including accommodation that may include transfer services)

Article 9 Validation, briefing and start

Registration will be done exclusively online, on the Păltiniș Challenge website Your registration will be validated at the starting point area.

Your competition kit can be picked up on the 5th of July 2024 (location TBA) at our Păltiniș Challenge Tent, or you can pick up your kit in Sibiu, between TBA, before the race. Each participant should present an identity document in order to receive the kit.

A briefing, where any news and changes will be transmitted, will take place 15 minutes before the start.

The kit pick-up on the competition day will start at TBA and close at TBA, please be on time.

The start will be at TBA. The organizer reserves the right to remove from the starting list any competitor who has not complied in the past with the rules of any competition affiliated with the Sibiu Cycling Tour, without being obliged to provide explanations as to the reason for removal from the starting list.

The competition will include one route: Road route Sibiu – Păltiniș

Article 10 Competition numbers, timekeeping and time limits

The competition numbers will be received after your registration is validated, and after completing the responsibility statement on the competition day. The competition number must be attached so it will be visible throughout the race. The competition number should not be cut or curved in any way.

The timekeeping of the Păltiniș Challenge will be carried out by an electronic timing system provided by our partner Timing is done per second.

Mandatory checkpoints are located on the routes. Participants who do not pass a checkpoint (for whatever reason) will be disqualified. The competition numbers and competitors’ times will be noted in the order of arrival at each checkpoint.

The time limit for the race is 2 hours and a half.

Article 11 Stop / Withdrawal

The organizer reserves the right to ban a participant in the following cases:

The rider got injured after the start, and his condition no longer allows him to continue the race;

Leaving rubbish along the routes and/or deliberately destroying the environment;

In exceptional case;

Any participant who can no longer, or does not want to continue the race, for whatever reason, should inform the organizers immediately, at the start, at the checkpoints, or on arrival. Failure to announce the withdrawal from the race, can cause a search and rescue operation (rescue teams, mountain rescuers) at the expense of the participant involved. Any participant who withdraws will be helped with the best withdrawal option, but is responsible for their own transport, the route they will use and the actions after the time and place of withdrawal, except in serious cases that do not allow travel by their own means.

Article 12 Penalties

Lack of any of the mandatory equipment = disqualification;

Shortening the route = penalty or disqualification (referee decision);

Non-compliance with the environment = disqualification;

Change of competition number = disqualification;

Non-compliance with the competition rules = penalty or disqualification (referee decision);

Unfair sport behavior towards other participants, organizers, public, other people = disqualification.

Using the car to push or pull another competitor to help / prevent him from advancing = disqualification;

Use of the net of any vehicle = disqualification.

Use of drugs or any other substances that are not legal = disqualification.

Article 13 Appeals

Any participant can file an appeal against another participant who did not follow the rules of the competition or against the decisions of the organizers. The appeal will be submitted to the Information Office, in writing, 15 minutes after the display of the complete provisional results together with a fee of 50,- Euro The appeal will be resolved within the next 30 minutes.

The fee of 50,- Euro will be returned to the petitioner if the appeal is accepted.

Article 14 Photography

Legal basis is our aforementioned legitimate interests according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. Your data will not be passed on to third parties.

For the collection of the corresponding photos we exclusively use photographers, whom we have obligated under data protection law according to the EU data protection basic regulation.With regard to the lists of results and rankings and the publication of photos, videos, audio and/or video recordings of various kinds, the data controllers may use the data and images of the athlete for internal and external purposes (various publications, sports videos, via telematic means and on the website, social media, etc).

Regarding the images and/or video recordings, the athlete may appear alone or together with other subjects during initiatives promoted by and for the organization or any other entity indicated in the privacy notice as a data controller.

By reading the privacy notice, the participant acknowledges that the aforementioned processing is strictly necessary in order to carry out the purposes explained in the privacy notice for which consent is not required, without prejudice to the rights set forth in Articles 15 et seq. of the GDPR that may be exercised at any time, as further described in the privacy notice.

Article 15 Force Majeure

If the event is canceled or abandoned due to force majeure (e.g. bad weather), or other reasons for which the organiser is not responsible, the organiser shall be released from his obligations and the organiser is not liable for damages that the contracting party or participants incur for this reason (e.g. travel and accommodation costs).

If the event is changed in venue and/or timing due to force majeure (e.g. bad weather), for which the organiser is not responsible, the organiser shall be released from his obligations and the organiser is not liable for damages that the contracting party or participants incur for this reason (e.g. travel and accommodation costs).

A refund of attendance fees in the aforementioned cases is excluded. With a change in venue and/or time the contracting party and the participants are entitled to attend the rescheduled event.

Article 16 Acceptance of the regulations

By registering, paying, and participating, each participant confirms that he has read, understood, and accepted the conditions of participation and these rules, assumes the risks of participating in the Transfăgărășan Challenge without reservation, and are responsible for their own actions that should take into account relevant circumstances such as weather conditions, weather change, area, equipment.

Status: December 2023